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  • ISKA World Champion 2013 (view video)
  • ISKA World Champion 2012 (view video)
  • ISKA World Champion 2011 (view video)
  • ISKA World Champion 2010 (view video)
  • ISKA World Champion Runner Up 2009
  • ISKA World Champion Runner Up 2000
  • ISKA World Champion Runner Up 1999
  • Hall of Fame Member:
    Humanitarian of the year



  • Fight Choreographer
  • Stuntman
  • Hand to Hand Combat Expert
  • Martial Arts Weapons Expert
  • Executive Protection Specialist
  • Head of Security for over 1000 concerts and special events
  • Firearms Instructor
  • CCW, Class D, Class G
  • Bodyguard to numerous celebrities
James Sang Lee Nunchucks Picture  James Sang Lee Kicking Poster  James Sang Lee 2012 ISKA Champion  James Sang Lee - Firearms Class


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